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The purpose of the Secretariat for Worship and Liturgical Formation is to serve as a central location through which the liturgical needs of the Diocese can be addressed. The office devotes its efforts to offering liturgical, theological, pastoral, canonical and historical guidance in the celebration of the Church's liturgical rites.

The Worship Office primarily serves pastors, parish musicians and staff persons, parish worship commissions, and parish members by providing consultation and resources in the areas of liturgy, RCIA (Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults), environment and art, music, and the sacraments. The Office also prepares for all Diocesan celebrations and liturgies in which the Bishop is celebrant or in attendance.

To assist you in furthering your liturgical formation, please feel free to use this website to locate valuable information concerning liturgical issues.

Liturgy Information Form for a visit by the Bishop

When the Bishop goes to a parish to celebrate a liturgy, it is important that everything is well prepared for his visit. In order for the Worship Office to assist both you and the Bishop, please complete the Liturgy Preparation Form and return it to the Worship Office two weeks prior to the event.

Liturgy Information Request

Other Liturgical Resources

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