Our Diocese

The Diocese of Gaylord is one of seven Roman Catholic Dioceses in the state of Michigan. It was established on July 20, 1971 by his Holiness Pope Paul VI.

The 11,171 square miles of the diocese is comprised of territory which had previously been a part of the Saginaw and Grand Rapids dioceses. The area includes the 21 most northern counties of Michigan's lower peninsula, which are mostly rural in nature. Total population of the area exceeds 506,000, of which nearly 54,000 are Catholics.

Within its boundaries there are 75 parishes, 16 Catholic schools and many closely related institutions. All of our clergy, religious sisters and brothers, and laity have been called through Baptism to be disciples and to reflect the message of the Gospel.

We welcome your visit to the Diocese of Gaylord through our website, but especially in person, and we stand ready to minister to your needs as best we can.

Diocesan Mission Statement

The Father through His Son, Jesus the Christ, has poured forth the Holy Spirit and made us into a "holy nation, a royal priesthood, a people set apart." Inflamed by the vision of what that reality means for us and for our world, we -- the laity, religious and clergy of the Diocese of Gaylord -- feel compelled, with God's help, to become that to which we have been called.

Therefore, in an authentic spirit of thanksgiving, we will work to bring about in all Catholics such an enthusiasm for their faith that they freely share it with others and thereby truly become an evangelizing people. We will also endeavor to build our families, our parishes, our diocese and our world into that faith community whose compassionate ministry to the world embodies and witnesses to God's power that works to heal and save all humankind.

We recognize that alone we cannot fulfill these desires; but we know we are not alone, God is with us always. Therefore, we are committed to receive his nourishment and power in evermore conscious and active celebrations of His sacraments. We will be open to His saving truths which lead to personal and communal conversion which we find in our love for and study of both the Scriptures and the teachings of the Church. We will respond to His love by giving our time, talent and treasures in pursuit of gospel justice and peace which will be our personal and communal part in the continuing mission of the Risen Lord.

We, through all of our thoughts and actions, want to be an authentic, effective and visible sign of His goodness to us and thereby be a wonderful sign of hope for all.