Julia's Story

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When she faced one of the most difficult times in her life, Julia Bushong found hope and healing through the work of Catholic Human Services (CHS). Providing vital services to families in all 21 counties of the diocese, CHS is supported in part by the annual CSA campaign.

“Catholic Human Services helped give me my life back in so many ways. I was experiencing a crisis so painful there didn’t seem to be light at the end of the tunnel. I was in such a dark place that even simple things like buying groceries had become impossible.

Thankfully, I was connected with Catholic Human Services and began receiving counseling and trauma therapy. During the crisis I faced, my world broke in a way that I felt could never be repaired. Things had happened that made me feel worthless. But through therapy, I began to see a way forward. They helped me change my perspective on relationships and to truly understand my self-worth. My therapist cared about me, really cared about me and my healing. The power of that kind of love is why I’m here today and feel so strongly about the help they offer.

I feel rescued now in so many ways. I’m a total advocate of CHS and the support our diocese provides them. I truly believe their services can be lifesaving for a person. I feel like the strongest relationship I’ve had with God was during this time of trauma and healing. I felt like He was right there with me. CHS helped me recognize what’s most important in my life
– my faith and my children.”