Genevieve's Story

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Genevieve MacRAE loves to serve as parish secretary and bookkeeper for St. Ann in Frankfort, a position she’s had for nearly six months. Recently, she took on a new volunteer role as an assistant to the parish’s youth minister, and she was looking for instruction on how to best reach and interact with youth in her Catholic parish. Genevieve attended Catechist Day, a free training and certification program for parish catechists and youth ministers, organized by the diocese’s Faith Formation team and supported by CSA funds.

“Attending these classes taught me how to reach the youth – both in messaging and activities. At St. Ann’s, we have kids between 6 and 18 years old in our youth group. So, we need to vary the way we present ideas and change the hands-on activities based on age. These classes gave me the tools and knowledge to reach our youth, helping to pass on our faith. I’m thankful to be better equipped in teaching young Catholics how to carry out our mission.”