Bulletin Announcement for December 9-10, Second Sunday of Advent

2nd Sunday of Advent: Dec. 10

On the 2nd Sunday of Advent, we light the second candle on our Advent wreaths, asking God to for the strength to be like John the Baptist, preparing the way of the Lord.

As we continue to prepare for the coming of Christ, reflect on the words of Pope Francis: “For the believer, the Word of God is not simply a text to read. The Word of God is a living presence, it is a work of the Holy Spirit that comforts, instructs, gives light, strength, relief, and a zest for life. To read the Bible, to read a piece, one or two passages of the Bible, is like a short telegram from God that immediately goes to the heart.” (December 21, 2022)

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Retirement Fund for Religious

Women and men religious have spent their lives serving others in prayer, ministry, education, and care for those in need—usually for little or no pay. Today, their religious communities do not have enough retirement savings. As they age, they require essential care and medications. Please support them by giving to the Retirement Fund for Religious. Your donation makes a difference for nearly 25,000 senior men and women religious. Please give generously: retiredreligious.org

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The Diocese of Gaylord has recently launched a weekly e-newsletter that will help deepen your understanding and relationship with God. Subscribe now and receive a variety of faith-based content including Bishop Walsh's "Checking In" video via email every Wednesday afternoon. Sign up today: dioceseofgaylord.org/subscribe.

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