Background Check Information

The Diocese of Gaylord Policy to Maintain a Safe Environment for Minors and for Vulnerable Adults states that a satisfactory background check is a condition precedent to an individual’s eligibility for initial service to and for continued service to the Diocese, its parishes and its parish schools for all clergy, all religious and all employees.  Likewise, it is also a condition precedent for those adult contractors and adult volunteers whose duties involve contact with minors or with vulnerable adults on a regular basis or on an irregular basis for extended hours intermittently and, further, for those individuals serving in other roles as the Diocese, a parish or a parish school deems appropriate.

The State of Michigan laws and policies as stated in its Revised School Code (MCL 380.1230, et seq.), its Child Care Organizations (MCL 722.111, et seq.) and its Licensing Rules for Child Care Centers also set out certain background check requirements.

A person authorizes the Diocese of Gaylord or its parishes, including their schools, to conduct a background investigation by completing the Diocese of Gaylord “Background Check Authorization and Release Form.”  The current version of the form is dated 1/2022.

The diocese, a parish or its school may conduct a background check at any time to help assess a person’s eligibility for continued service.  In any event, a check of criminal records is required to be performed every five (5) years.

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