Office of Catholic Schools: Policies

Policy Handbook

The Diocese of Gaylord's Catholic School Policy Handbook is divided into several sections as follows:

     Section 1000   Administration
     Section 2000   Business
     Section 4000   Students
     Section 5000   Curriculum/Instruction

 We recommend that you review the Table of Contents (in alphabetical order at the beginning of the document) for the specific subject listing to locate the appropriate policy number.

Internet and Related Technologies

Learning is a lifelong process. In the Catholic Schools in the Diocese of Gaylord, students are equipped for this lifelong journey by learning how to use a variety of resources, including the use of electronic technologies, in the educational process.

Internet Safety
The use of technology within the Catholic Schools of the Diocese of Gaylord is a privilege extended to students and faculty members to enhance learning and exchange information. When using the technology, the user must realize that he/she represents the Catholic community, and therefore must uphold Christian ethical and legal requirements. All users shall abide by school Acceptable Use Policies. Access privileges may be revoked for inappropriate use, and school disciplinary action may take place and/or appropriate legal action for violations that may constitute a criminal offense.

Please refer to the documents below for the Internet Safety Regulations used by the Diocese of Gaylord Catholic Schools, as well as a sample of an Electronic Information Access and Use Contract For Students:

Internet and Related Technologies Safety Regulation - Policy R-5132.1
Sample Electronic Information Access and Use Contract For Students - Policy 5132.2